Blue Box Support

Blue Box Support are skilled in producing effective, bespoke and user-friendly websites, including eCommerce solutions, which focus on a "Simple, Clean and Effective" design philosophy.

We are based in North Yorkshire and were established in 2012.

The world of IT can be a scary and confusing business and if you don't tread carefully then it can be a needlessly expensive one too.

Things have moved on a great deal in the last few years and simply having a website, even a well-designed one, just isn't enough. All our sites start as a blank page - the design is 100% yours.

As a valued and respected customer you are engaged, consulted and kept informed all along the way. We don't believe that you should be told what you can have, what you can incorporate and how it can look.

Our view is that we start with you saying what you like, what you want and we go from there. It's about the website meeting your needs, not about you having to accept limitations any website places on you.

We will agree a fee with you up-front and then we will design & build your site, engaging with you every step of the way. We will keep you informed and supplied with dedicated links so you can monitor progress and make suggestions as you see fit. A site won't be officially launched until you are 100% happy with the finished result.

We will discuss your social media presence and explain how this should integrate with your website to bring you the best result. We can design, build and maintain a bespoke website to your specification and manage your social media.

Having a well-designed website, and active, vibrant and engaging social media, all coordinated and linked together, all passing Google's stringent tests for mobile friendliness can deliver you results. The kind of results that some individuals like to pretend you can get if you pay lots of money for an SEO package!

Don't be fooled - tread carefully, spend wisely and contact the people who know:



T: Call Chris on 07714 788 985