The OASIS project is designed to make playing sport and active recreation easier and more enticing for the population of North Yorkshire.

The project will use various ‘hooks’ to engage people in sport at least once a week. This will be through training programmes linked to mass participation events, informal opportunities to play sport (eg. Back to Netball) targeting specific groups, clubs and societies across North Yorkshire.

There will be interviews with many clubs, groups and associations, plus introductory taster sessions held.
Vale Radio's team of presenters will also take the OASIS road-show to various schools and colleges across the area and promote the project direct.

This project will increase sports participation across various wards within North  Yorkshire, by delivering a diverse programme of sporting opportunities within a variety of local venues to increase and sustain at least once a week participation in sport.

Our project will engage all demographics, by delivering an innovative sports programme to provide a range of attractive local sporting opportunities.

Key longer term opportunities will include developing volunteers and activators and linking participants to local community groups, clubs and associations exit routes to ensure sustainability.

Working alongside SportsAidUK North Yorkshire to deliver a voice for community-based sports clubs & societies. We aim to unite all local communities, improve sports participation and volunteering and educate through workshops on local issues such as obesity, crime and create a lasting legacy.

Along with backing from some of Britain's best athletes, this project is seen to be one of longevity and therefore has no time limit on the length, as this will be Vale Radio's Legacy.

Budget and costs are broken down to value of marketing the project:

• Supporting audio campaign with commercials, promos and sponsored feature

• Online presence on our connecting website

• Printed signs and banners at each event

• Promotional material to hand out at each event

• School visits

• Running costs

• Full time person administration

• Supervisory management costs

• Information packs

• Presenter appearances

We thank you for your kind heart... and let us leave you with this message from Plato...

"Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others."

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