Mangalitza Pigs

Mangalitza breed of pigs were created for Royalty from a group of pigs that were trapped in the Carpathian Basin during the last ice age and have changed very little genetically since. They take 2 years to reach maturity and need a very special diet .

So what is so special you ask, well , their meat is nothing like pork, it is a red meat and is very healthy, it contains high levels of monounsaturates, omega 3,9 and 12 and a much better balance of omega 6.

It is a lard pig, approx 50/50 meat/fat but very healthy fat. The Japanese and Americans are going crazy for the healthy marbled meat and it is being knicknamed the ' wagyu pig'.

Lisa spoke to Chris and Jayne to tell us more....

Chris Marsden

Vale Radio, Unit 1, 16 The Village, Haxby, York, York