No 'Waist' of time for Tony

Vale Radio's Tony Haynes has successfully managed to lose weight for charity

Big Uncle Tone as he's know at the radio station set a target to lose a stone in weight in just 52 days.

The actual figures were:

  • New Years Eve: 21st 4.25 lb
  • Saturday 21st Feb at 9pm: 20st 2.25 lb
  • Weight loss: 1 Stone 2 lb

Final profit raised by Vicfest Song Marathon and the Sponsored Slim combined, looks like being just over £850 which goes to Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Thanks for all the support from a slightly less Big Uncle Tone goes to everyone that helped him along the way.

You can catch Tony Haynes and the FAB folk and blues show, Saturday nights from 8pm

Chris Marsden

Vale Radio, Unit 1, 16 The Village, Haxby, York, York