The Fruit Bugs by Claire Newby

York College Learning Support Practitioner Claire Newby is excited to launch her first children’s book; The Fruit Bugs,  which has been completely inspired by her young son’s imagination.

When Claire’s son William was a toddler he invented imaginary friends ‘the Fruit Bugs’.  He used them to get out of going to bed or tidying up; it was always them at fault.  Says Claire: “When you are running round after a small child you don’t really have much time to sit down and write. I often said I should make a note of the great creative stories about William’s imaginary friends.”

Several years later, when health issues resulted in a change of career for Claire she thought about giving writing a go. She started the self-publishing process in June this year and enjoyed getting to grips with writing her first book for pre-school and primary aged children entitled The Fruit Bugs.  With help from an illustrator at Authorhouse, and lots of discussion with William (now aged 9), The Fruit Bugs was produced, released on Amazon and then printed.  

Claire has a website: and social media @fruitbugs.  She hopes her book will go to a literary exhibition in London in April next year, as well as having a ‘Hollywood treatment’ involving a screenwriter creating a pitch for production companies in America (where Authorhouse is based). 

Chris Marsden

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