The Delights of Malton Draws Couple to Yorkshire’s Food Capital

Richard and Annie Thorpe, tenants of one of Fitzwilliam Malton Estate’s houses, are delighted with their decision to ‘Move to Malton’.

The couple, who live in Yorkersgate, moved to Yorkshire’s Food Capital in May 2014 after seeing their preferred property from a bus window.

Mrs Thorpe said: “We lived in Heslington, near York, before coming to Malton. We happened to be on the bus returning to York one day, and I noticed the ‘To Let’ sign outside the property.

“We made an appointment to view it and I knew immediately it was right for us. I saw the potential of it and appreciated the historic feel of the house. I loved all its nooks and crannies and its period features, particularly the fireplaces.”

Mr Thorpe added: “We also saw the property on the internet, so when we came to view it, we liked Malton so much, we knew it was the town for us.”

Mr and Mrs Thorpe have put their own ‘stamp’ on the house, which they share with their dog Barney. When asked why they chose Malton over York, Mr Thorpe said: “The people are friendly, everything is on your doorstep, from the post office to pubs and the transport links are fantastic.”

Mrs Thorpe said: “We also liked the Estate’s position as a long-term owner of property. With the Estate-type ownership we have the security of knowing that we are not faced with the fear that the owner will want to sell the property in six months’ time; the level of stability offered by the Estate was a big factor for us. And the Estate’s builders have been wonderful, looking after the property before we moved in and continuing to improve it now we are ‘in situ’.

“Malton is friendly, very historic, convenient and beautiful; a town with a real community. We have been made to feel so welcome that we know this move is for the long-term. For that reason we’ve put our own mark on this property and invested in its décor.”

Roddy Bushell, manager of the Fitzwilliam Malton Estate, said: “I am finding that people thinking about a relaxed retirement are increasingly turning to renting from a long term owner rather than owning their homes. 

“After climbing the property ladder during your working career, once retirement arrives, you can sell up and use the funds to rent a smaller house in a nicer place and enjoy the proceeds of your hard work.

“There are many benefits to renting during retirement, some of which Mr and Mrs Thorpe have already discovered. For example, you can avoid the worry and hassle of maintaining and insuring your property, which is no doubt a weight off people’s minds.”

Fitzwilliam Malton Estate has a steady flow of residential properties available to rent, and their property portfolio is varied with something that will fit most lifestyles. To find out more, visit

Chris Marsden

Vale Radio, Unit 1, 16 The Village, Haxby, York, York